Italy: direct national entry available for PCT applications filed as of 1st July 2020

Direct national entry for the grant of an Italian patent or utility model will be possible for International (PCT) applications filed as of 1st July 2020. The term for entry will be 30 months as of the international filing date or priority date.

IT national entry requires filing a request and an Italian translation of the full text of the international application as published, including the description, claims, abstract and drawings, along with possible art. 19 or art. 34 amendments, or new amendments at national entry according to art. 41 PCT.

The 30-month term also applies to international applications whose international search report is not available, yet. In case the term for entry is missed, further processing is available under art. 192 of the Italian IP Code by filing a request, paying the further processing fee and filing the translation within two months from the missed term.

Filing documents in a language other than Italian is not admitted. However, the Italian translation can be filed within a non-extendable term of two months as of the date of filing of the request for entry.

Excess claims fees are due for the number of the claims on which national entry is based exceeding 10.

Patent applications will be subject to substantive examination based on the international search report and the attached written opinion on patentability, and on the international preliminary report on patentability.

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