Studio Torta has always been attentive to people and the context in which it operates, making it a natural choice to actively participate in the profound cultural change that brings sustainability to the center of economic activities and life on the planet.

ESG (Environmental Social and Governance) factors are assuming legal importance but, above all, they increasingly represent a tool for assessing business choices and verifying their impact on environmental sustainability.

We have thus decided to be guided by these three principles, which are not corollary, but central to the organization and development of the firm.

E for Environmental

Every human activity has an impact on the environment. We are committed to reducing it through concrete choices:

– Digitization of processes and documents

– Abolition of single-use plastic

S for Social

Dealing with intellectual property means looking at the world through a lens that highlights innovation, curiosity, the beauty of human action and its creativity. The privilege of working in this field and with this vision naturally makes us want to give back to society at least part of the many opportunities.

This is why we are committed to:

– Pro bono assistance

– Donation and giving back activities in support of non-profit associations and foundations

G for Governance

Governance is the cornerstone from which any sustainability strategy starts. This is why we are committed to and work towards a Governance that has the task, responsibility and tools to promote sustainability and thus competitiveness in the long term.

The themes at the center of our “G” are:

– Diversity & Inclusion

– Info & Data on partnership and career paths

A human and professional organization which is not socially responsible, does not have good governance and is careless of the environmental impacts of its activities, is bound to lose out in terms of resilience, efficiency and productivity.

Our engagement

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