Studio Torta assists Goel – Cooperative Group pro bono

Studio Torta, through the professional work of its partner Maria Cristina Baldini, is very pleased to assist GOEL – Cooperative Group pro bono.

GOEL is a community of people, businesses and social cooperatives, founded in 2003 in Locride that works for redemption and real change in Calabria through legal work, social promotion and active opposition to the ‘ndrangheta.

The name GOEL has biblical roots, meaning “the redeemer” – the same function of liberation that the Cooperative Group intends to play towards the excluded and marginalized social groups in the area.

Maria Cristina’s pro bono work consists of assisting GOEL in all IP practices, from the analysis and refinement of a trademark protection strategy, to its registration and enhancement by activating it against identical/similar trademarks identified through surveillance services, with opposition proceedings and out-of-court litigation.

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