Thanks to the Sermig Re.Te. for development Onlus

News of a war, the end of which does not appear to be in sight, arrive every day from Ukraine. The needs of the Ukrainian population are becoming more and more urgent, as every day the war brings destruction and damage also to infrastructures, making it difficult to access basic necessities.

Numerous associations have moved to bring their support to the Ukrainian border and territory and to respond to the many urgencies and needs of the population.

Studio Torta has decided to support the charity initiatives of Sermig Re.Te. for development Onlus which has tirelessly sent food, medical supplies since the first days of the conflict, and recently also ambulances, medical cars and mobile operating rooms.

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Thanks to Antoniano onlus

18 May 2022 | ESG

Since last February 24, many cities and parts of the territories of Ukraine have become the theater of war with [&hellip [...]