Defining a strategy for the generation and protection of intellectual property rights requires a combination of a wide range of services divided into categories according to their purpose.

This consultancy activity is aimed at providing adequate support for the management of industrial property at strategic and operational levels:
– create an intellectual property strategy that supports innovation in the organization;
– establish systematic management in innovation processes;
– apply tools and methods to make intellectual property management efficient.
Alongside the activity of defining intellectual property management guidelines, we support decision-making processes
by drafting timely and targeted opinions on any controversial issues involving intellectual property and related rights.

Patents, trademarks, designs, plant varieties, supplementary protection certificates, domain names and geographical indications are industrial property rights that require establishment, be it a filing followed by an examination and a grant or a simple registration. Such establishment, on the other hand, is optional for copyright and not necessary for the protection of trade secrets, whose protection however requires the implementation of all measures to preserve the secret. As part of the management of Intellectual Property rights, we offer recordal services with the public registers when changes occur in the availability of rights and payment of renewal fees.