IAM Patent 1000: World’s Leading Patent Professionals 2022

Congratulations to Simone Bongiovanni, Lidia Casciano, Fabio D’Angelo, Mauro Eccetto and Luigi Franzolin have been recognized as World’s Leading Patent Professionals by IAM Patent 1000.

We are happy to share what independent researchers and clients said about them:

«A star-studded line-up of prosecution consists of Simone Bongiovanni, Luigi Franzolin, Fabio D’Angelo, Mauro Eccetto and Lidia Casciano, who cover a lot of technical ground between them. Electrical engineer Bongiovanni knows a thing or two about asset procurement and has substantial knowledge of international patenting processes. “A pleasure to work with, Luigi is technically savvy, always available to answer mechanics-related questions and devises solutions that are cost-effective too.” Portfolios are deftly managed by D’Angelo, who is regularly instructed by big names in the automotive sector. Former EPO examiner Eccetto gets applications through to grant with minimum fuss, while Casciano is the resident life sciences ace.»

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