Starting from February 26th, 2019 it will be possible to file Italian trademark applications through a “fast track” procedure. This will considerably reduce the length of the examination period. In fact, in the absence of Office action by the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (IPTO), the application shall be published in the Official Bulletin within 7 days.

The “fast track” can be used only for applications filed online and will involve the following limitations:

– denominative or figurative signs filed as individual marks (collective or certification marks are excluded);

– no priority claim;

– products and/or services identical to those listed in the Nice International Classification. Customized terms will not be admitted to “fast track” and can only be protected through the ordinary filing.

This procedure, already in force for European Union Trademarks, will be available in a few days in Italy too and will bring applicants the advantage to save a lot of time (the necessary to get a registration will presumably reduced from the previous 10-12 months to about 4 months, comprising the three months opposition period). For any clarification, please contact your professional or send a message to:

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